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Skip Researching Dividend Stocks And Use This Instead

Researching Dividend Stocks Is Hard, This Is Easy…

I know, I know, Researching dividend stocks is a Giant PAIN.

It takes forever, and is mentally taxing.

And if you’ve got a full time job, a family, and other commitments… well you just don’t have time to do the research.

The Ultimate Guide To Dividend Investing
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Just in case, let me give you a taste of what kinds of research you need to do.

First, you need to learn the rules of dividend investing:

  1. Get a dividend investing plan and stick to it.
  2. Start NOW – Don’t drag your feet.
  3. Keep your investing plan simple.
  4. Investing CONSISTENTLY is more important than investing BIG!
  5. Always invest for the long term.
  6. Understand what dividend stocks you’re buying.
  7. Be a business owner, not a stock trader.
  8. Stock up when your dividend stocks are on sale!
  9. Don’t avoid “Pass Through Entities” as investments.
  10. Finally, with dividend investing, boring is good.

Once you’ve got these rules committed to memory, it’s time to start the four steps to investing…

The four big steps are:

Think Big
Look at the markets
Look at the economy
Study the Industry

After you’ve jumped through those 4 steps, you need to start your analysis.

That involves looking at the 4 critical business metrics:

  1. EPS
  2. Yield
  3. Payout Ratios
  4. Growth Rates

Of course you don’t look at them in a vacuum, you compare that data with the data from other dividend stocks.

It takes time and effort.

If I had to guess, I think I spend 7 to 10 hours on each stock I analyze. But here’s the kicker, I don’t invest in every stock I analize… I probably look at 20 or 30 investments before pulling the trigger on one.

So sometimes I need to do 300 hours of research to find ONE dividend stock to buy!

Crazy right!?!

Well, I promised you a short cut. Here it is.

Download my free guide: The Ultimate Guide For Investing In Dividend Stocks.

You can download your free copy  here.

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In the report, I go over the 10 Dividend Stock investing rules in detail….. I’ll expand on the 4 critical questions you need to ask, and I report more on the 4 investing metrics you need to focus on!

But best of all, I share 13 Dividend stocks for a PERFECT Dividend Portfolio.

I share my best thoughts and research with you on all of these investments. You get my best ideas and you can either jump right in and invest, or use it as a jumping off point for your own research. The choice is yours.

You can get your copy today!

I told you it would be a quick solution to a difficult problem!

The Ultimate Guide To Dividend Investing
Get This Critical Dividend Investing Guide Today!